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Enter the worlds most competitive online dance competition.
5 catagories of dance -
Locking, Popping, B-Boying, Hip Hop and Robot

The Competition will begin on July 1st and end March 31st *

Compete in this years Street Corner Challenge 
and be recognized by 16 of the most prestigious,
successful and respected street dancers in the world.
All you need is a street corner, video camera or phone, internet access and talent




Robert Shields * Bam Bam * Ken Swift *  OG Skeeter Rabbit * Buddha Stretch
Slick Dogg * 
B-Boy Wicket * Jin * Asia * P-Lock * Davi * Storm * Gemini
Niki * Prime * Acky * Devonair * Tommy


A competition accessible to every dancer in the world, 
turning the internet into the new global “Street Corner”.